The Right House

A house designed for life in the 21-st century. Healthier, simpler, and more sustainable. Life’s better when you live in the right house.  Great design and new clean technologies make it possible. We’re here to show the way.

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enjoy clean living

50% of all greenhouse gas emissions can be traced to buildings. That’s a big problem! Fortunately its a problem we can solve.

Imagine yourself in a home that gets everything right: How would it be to live comfortably while knowing that you’re not using any off-site energy? Imagine that your home’s design simplified your busy lifestyle and connected you with the outdoors, all while expressing your personal tastes, preferences, and values. If you’re planning on renovating—or building a new home—that’s exactly the kind of house you deserve. We’re dedicated to helping you get there. That’s what the Right House is all about: a house that’s better for you, for your family, and for the planet. Why settle for anything less?

The Right House =  low carbon + you

Discover a better way to design and build your next home.

Designing and building any home can be a daunting task. With all the architects, contractors, energy-efficiency incentives, and home design advice to consider, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Our process streamlines your decisions. We curate the best available materials, technologies, and design ideas, then give you the final word on selections.

When a house has soul, you feel it. It comes from someplace deeper than any architectural style. What matters more are your individual needs, taken in context with what’s right for the planet. With that alignment, we skillfully apply our deep knowledge in the art and science of home design. The result is a home that achieves net-zero and passive-house levels of efficiency, without sacrificing the elements of harmony and connection you feel with your home everyday. Fresh, clean design in balance with your needs and the needs of the planet —  now that’s the kind of design that makes a difference.

Visual Simplicity. Clean Living.

Although every house we design is quite different, each one shares some important characteristics.

High-quality, low-carbon homes delivered on-time & on-budget.


We’ll design an artful, aesthetically pleasing home that draws inspiration from your unique personality and lifestyle. Your design will be a one-of-a-kind reflection of your personal tastes, preferences, and sentiments. We’ll listen carefully to your wishes and transform them into meaningful architecture that stirs the imagination.


When you’re connected to the land, you’ll always know your place in the world. Every Right House is a place where you and your family will gather now and into the future. We carefully craft exposure to natural light and views to create rich connections to the natural world. What’s more, each Right House is rooted-in-place through careful consideration of vernacular forms and regional materials.


We design using the German Passive House standard of energy efficiency. Whether or not you choose to certify your home, there’s no higher level of energy-efficiency in the world. That means your house could use as little as 10% of the energy used by a conventionally built home of equal size. With a home that energy-efficient, getting to net zero is a cinch. But we don’t stop there. We optimize every Right House for space efficiency, water usage, indoor air quality, and daylighting. All these factors combined make our homes among the most efficient available in the market.


Through intelligent design including the integration of Passive House principles, every Right House achieves unprecedented levels of comfort in all seasons, and in every climate. That means no more drafty corners and cold floors during winter months. No more hot and sticky summer evenings. We get it right. We’ve honed our process in the far northeastern corner of the U.S., where the climate is most challenging. If it works here, it’ll work most anywhere.


Your family’s health is important to us, so we make indoor air quality a top priority. The Right House delivers best-in-class indoor air quality through carefully designed ventilation systems. So you’ll say goodbye to mold, mildew, and environmental toxins within your home.


Not only is our design process simpler and more enjoyable for our clients, but the resulting homes designs are simpler and more visually appealing as well. Simple, bright, and beautiful—that’s the new luxury. We instill the clean, timeless lines of modernism, emphasizing visual simplicity that’s in harmony with nature. Life can be overwhelmingly complex; your Right House offers you a place of refuge from its complexity.


With extensive know-how in both the art and the science of sustainable design, we’re uniquely positioned to build the most beautiful and most efficient homes. Among architects, we’re specialists. We apply our deep knowledge, refined process, and standardized specifications to design multiple benefits into every Right House. We may not be the cheapest game in town, but we will deliver the highest value for your construction dollar—and you’ll continue enjoying your home’s value long after we’re finished.


Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your home contributes to the solution of our global climate problems? Imagine a home that’s just as good for the planet as it is for you and your family. That’s the kind of peace-of-mind you get with the Right House.